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And it was time for the Runway Shows. Kansas City Fashion Week is known to outdo itself every season. The Runway shows of KCFW have always been iconic. This season, KCFW moved its runway to the Grand Hall at the Power Light District. Friday and Saturday shows are always known to be extra special, and I knew I could not miss out on these two special days.

My favorites from Friday evening were TR Brown, Julia Fischer Andrea Marie Long and Lauren Bander. These ladies knocked it out off the ball park with their interpretation of Fall Winter '2017 .

Lets get started with a detailed recap of the entire evening .

The evening started off with Project Runway alumnus Joshua Christensen, who is quite a regular face at KCFW. Bright colors, unexpected silhouettes and a heavy Island vibe seemed to be running across the collection. The men had their faces covered in white paint, and the women had facial contouring with amber or orange eye shadow. Dramatic facial make up for sure, but somehow the collection screamed more Spring - Summer than Fall Winter. But I must add that I loved the way he had Mixed Prints throughout his collection.

The second Designer of the night was Meghann Wheelock with her interesting childrens wear line Ethel and Dean . Military inspired elements, were a big part of last Fall , in Womens wear and Menswear and it seemed like , the trend continued with kids wear. A beautiful rendition of spunky and edgy kidswear, with a mix of plaids, denim and not your regular White Ts.

The third designer of the evening was Julia Fischer. I had loved her collection last season, so expectations were high this time. And Julia didnt disappoint.  Fashion comes a full circle every few years , and Retro Fashion is somehow always in trend. From holographic prints to velvet, from oatmeal, to shocking pink, from wide leg pants to mini skirt, from ruffles to crop tops, I love how Julia juxtaposed different elements in a cohesive manner.

The fourth designer of teh evening was Nasheli Juliana. Avant garde monochromes took the runway, in a collection which seemed to be inspired by Nuns.Structured details,interesting head pieces, gold and silver foil face paint brought down the curtain for the first half of Friday. 

The second half of the night began with a bang, with KCFW favorite Lauren Bander. A mix of fabrics , from velvet, chiffon, lace and tulle , created drama on the runway, with super feminine silhouettes. Loved the movement in every outfit , as it went along the European style runway. Not to forget that the showstopper's outfit literally lit up the runway, as the lights in the hall were dimmed.

Andrea Marie Long is often called the Queen of Velvet, and she is truly the queen. From golds and wine last season, Andrea went off to midnight blues and emerald greens in a Fall perfect collection . She had mentioned that its Velvet 2.0 this season, when we were chatting up at her preview at the KCFW Media Meet and Greet at Fortuity. Mix of fabrics are clearly a high point of Fall Winter 2017, and Andrea Marie Long was not far off the trend. She mixed leather, chiffon , silks and lace with her signature velvet , all through her collection. I loved the gold detailing, which was recurring element in most of her outfits. The outfits were paired with accessories from Enve Designs, by jewleery designer Ngan Vuoung.

TR brown with her collection "Chelsea Girls", was a visual delight. Retro Fashion can often be tricky and can make you look dated or old. Its a tricky path to tread on, and Tiffany Brown seemed to not only have treaded on the path, but literally danced her way through. I had seen her preview at the KCFW Media Meet and Greet at Fortuity. and had loved how  her designs could be worn by anyone, be it a Model with perfect abs, or someone like me, with my 5 foot frame, and not so perfect midriff. She wowed the audience with her collection, which was such a lovely middle ground between Haute Couture and Pret ! Take a bow Tiffany ! Stay tuned to the Blog for a detailed interview with Tiffany Brown.

Queens Rocket by designer Jon Fulton Adams,  was the concluding line to take the runway of Friday.  Menswear with a big nod to Hunting, theater and history, which somehow was too avant garde for my tastes.

Last but not the least, the evening also featured a presentation by Judy Bales, which was a juxtaposition of elements from Industrialization and Nature.

Photo Credits : 
Josh Santiago : Red Carpet
Bluebaugh Blueprints : My Picture from the Runway

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Posing with Chef and owner Jonathan Justus 
A special occasion calls for special Dinner plans. For our 8th Anniversary, we decided on Destination Dinning. Justus Drugstore Restaurant, in Smithville, Missouri. Ever since we had seen this restaurant on a Travel Channel episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods : Delicious Destinations, we knew we had to be there. So it was a pleasant surprise, when my husband suggested that we head to Smithville , for our Anniversary dinner.

If you've been a regular on my Blog, then you are aware of some of our Eating Out adventures. But then I always say, only 50 percent of our Foodie adventures, make it to the Blog. I am trying to improve that number . Wish me luck .

Justus Drugstore Restaurant is romantic and set the perfect ambiance for the special evening. We didnt have a reservation, which we recommend. They have two different menus, depending on which part of the restaurant you might want to sit in : The Bar or the Main dinning Room. We wanted to sit in the Main Dinning Room. As we were talking to the MaitreD , Chef and owner Jonathan Justus, took care of our seating arrangements. What initially would have been an hour and half wait, was just a 10 minute wait, till we got our seats in the Main Dinning Room. As the name suggests, it was originally a drug store, and is now a restaurant. Whether you are seated in the Main Dinning Area or their Bar Area, you get a glimpse of their open kitchen and soak in all the action.

Before we started off with our courses, our server brought for us a Palate Cleanser. It was an interesting concoction , I must add.

Their Main Menu is divided in two three courses. But you can order any item from any course as your entree, depending on how hungry you are. We decided to start off with Pig Heart served with bokchoy,green onion, mushroom carrots , parsnip and turnip puree, and pan vinaigrette. Before I had my daughter, I had no issues with organ meat. But with hormonal changes, came a change in taste buds . I could not handle organ meat any more. So I was a bit skeptical. But as I took my first bite, I could not believe, the speed at which we finished off the plate. It tasted like steak, rather than organ meat. No wonder, Chef Justus, is often regarded as a culinary scientist, when it comes to his treatment of food. As we were waiting for our next course, Chef Justus came up to our table, and we got chatty about the course and food in general. I must add, that I loved that kind of service.

Our daughter opted for Chicken Tenders and Fries, which is a part of their Bar Area Menu, but they were kind enough to serve it to us, in the Main Dinning Area. Campo Lindo Chicken, which had been tenderized and marinated and cooked just right. We had a bite from her plate, and the chicken pieces were almost melting away in our mouth. The only other place where I have eaten such great Chicken Tenders, is at Chef Celina Tio's Julian. Our daughter is a super picky eater and she finished off all the chicken pieces, without even a complaint.

For the main course, my Husband opted for the Rare Hare Barn Rabbit Tochron , served with pickled grape, toasted almond, savory brioche bread budding, bearnise, almond-kale puree, bok choy, from their Third Course . My Husband mentions that the meat had its distinct flavor without being gamey or clawing, by any means. It was a play of textures and flavors all in one plate.

I do better with smaller portions. So I decided to go for Smoked Bass and Egg on Brioche, from their First Course. Freshwater Bass, green onion, celery, potato, house made brioche toast, soft Camp Lindo egg, Shatoo "Plattsburg" Cheese gels. It was a smaller plate and just the right size for me. I loved the play of textures on my plate too. The creamy Egg yolk on the bass was almost creating a delicate dance move on my taste buds.

We were full by the time we got through our main course. So we skipped Dessert. Our server brought us a Complimentary Toast which was made with Lavender Cordial and Soda . I loved the touch.

Before we said our Good Byes for the night Chef Justus caught up with us once again, and it was time for some food Blogger Photo Op, in the Kitchen of course.

What a wonderful Annivesary Dinner it was. Really loved how Chef Justus took out time, to interact with his guests, as their manoevered their way through the courses. Service was excellent. The staff was courteous and extremely helpful. Our daughter had scarped her knew just before we had stepped in to eat, and our server made sure, she had band aids and Neosporin at our table, at the earliest. The Menu was just brilliant and I really have to go back , there, to try out some other items, I have on my mind. Its pricey, but then Fine Dinning, does have its own charms. 


Kansas City Fashion Week  knows how to throw a party in style. Bubbly and Bowties is a Black Tie affair hosted by KCFW , before the runway shows kick in. The fashion fraternity of KC gets together, to let their hair down, and they do it in style. A Huge Thank you to the lovely KCFW Committee for such a wonderful celebration. They outdo themselves with every season, dont they ! 

 If you wanted to read more about my Outfit Planning for the night, then you can Click Here. Emerald Enigma was my theme for the night. I decided to style Pantone Color of the Year "Greenery"  in its jewel avatar. And when you have a KCFW Designer - Tiffany Brown of TRBrown , sporting the Emerald trend as well, you know , you are on the right track.

The party was hosted by R24 Studios at the Historic West Bottoms, in downtown Kansas City. Its an artisan crafted furniture gallery. As we walked upstairs, the twilight streamed in through the glass windows and crystal chandeliers, and created such a beautiful play of colors , across the room, with all the artistic pieces. I must say, I was floored at first sight.

The rustling of the evening gowns, the clinking of the champagne glasses and the sound of laughter and gaiety wafted through the air, as the evening rolled on. Cooper's Hawk Winery, Clear 10 Vodka and J Rieger let the spirits flow and Delish Catering wowed us with their small bites. I still cant get over that yummy Deviled Egg. Its a pity I dont have a picture of it.

Huge Thank you to my Blogger Babe Elizabeth, of Blubaugh Blueprints for being my Wing Woman this season, and also sponsoring my ride. It was so much fun doing it together. Cheers to a great season and many more such fun times together.

Dior at Dillards had had their Pop Up Studio and the artists were offering TouchUps. I was having a crazy day with my allergies that evening. And yes, thats also the evening, I had decided to go in with a Black Smokey Eye. Rebecca of Dior was such a darling, and we had a great time chatting up over makeup , as she used her magic fingers to create some contouring magic.

Events become more special when you get to catch up with your friends, and also catch up with new faces. I must say, that I was all set for the Runway shows, beginning the next day !

Stay tuned to the Blog for more KCFW Updates coming soon.

Thank you Ryan Swartzlander, Larry F Levenson Photography,  Elizabeth Blubaugh of Blubaugh Blueprints, Antonia Martin of StGlow Blog , Will Viquez of Colors of Costca Rica for some of my photos from the night.