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Pantone calls its Meadowlark and I call it my Crayola Bright . When I was planning my outfit for the Thursday runway show of Kansas City Fashion Week, I knew I wanted a statement piece. A pleated skirt in a color recommendation from Pantone seemed like the perfect idea.

Pantone comes up with their color suggestions for the year. While UltraViolet is the color of the year in general, Pantone does also have color picks for every season. "MeadowLark," a shade of Yellow is one of the recommendations for Spring 2018. Pantone color picks can often be confusing with their names, and Meadowlark is described as Confident and Outgoing Yellow.

Yellow can be a tricky color to pull off. But I have a thing for yellow outfits. The last two Spring-Summers I have featured Yellow outfit, so how could I let go of the tradition this year. I had loved my Yellow Maxi and my Mustard ruffle dress, and this year it was the turn of the skirt.

My middle region is always my problem area, so when I plan an outfit, I like camouflaging that part. A pleated midi skirt is a perfect choice, as the high waist creates the perfect illusion. I paired my skirt with a graphic tee in Grey, rather than White. A graphic Tee is a great way to underplay an outfit piece like a skirt. I like the edginess it provides an outfit. You could also pair this skirt with a cute lace top if you wanted to.  Nude shoes, wooden watch and a mix metal necklace and earring combo. I wanted the look to be light and fresh and Spring perfect. Did I tell you that it was raining the day I wore this outfit?

Fashion does not have to come with a hefty price tag. While its very easy to shop when you have an unlimited budget, the idea of affordable fashion is always worth the challenge for me. My readers have often asked me for budget versions of outfits I have put together, so for this particular occasion, I wanted to create an outfit which as all about affordable fashion.  Fashion can still be classy if you know how to shop, while on a budget. Don't compromise on your personal style while you are hunting for a deal. The best bits can often be found at the most unexpected places, only if you realize how to shop smart. For instance, my skirt came off the Sale rack of Forever 21 and was majorly reduced in price. My graphic Tee is from Target. My jewelry is from Paparazzi jewelry which is known fo their 45 offerings. So I created an Outfit which was ready for Front Row of Fashin Week, and it was under $ 100. How's that for a bargain!

Stay tuned for a round-up of Thursday Night of Runway Shows of KCFW, next on the Blog!



Its technically Spring, but we are bracing up with snow storms. I got the chance to do a Spring Beauty Refresh with Marc Jacobs' Beauty, and it was perfectly timed for KansasCity Fashion Week. I love it when brand collabs are such great timing. Have you been catching up on all my updates from KCFW? If not then click Here. 

As I always love to say that we need to change up our beauty products, as the seasons change. Our skin care needs change and we need to adapt. If you know me, then I am a self-confessed beauty junkie. But I am also particular about which products make the cut for me. I have very dry skin which is also super sensitive. I also have very warm tones and sometimes, beauty products can be tricky to match without looking pale or pink. I am in my mid-30s and my skin has adapted well to my anti-aging skin care regimen.
Marc Jacob's Beauty Shameless Youthful Look 24 Hours Foundation with SPF 25 has been creating quite the buzz before it hit the stands.Apparently its the first foundation with SPF which claims to be Flashback Free. As long as I have been writing about Beauty, you know, how I have always tried to put foundations to the flashback test. For me, if it has a flashback, then it is a deal breaker for sure. So when I was sent this product to try out and review it for my readers, I was pretty excited. Products which create such a buzz often can swing either way. It is definitely a splurge item, so here goes my review.
 How sexy does the bottle look?! After the initial admiration of how luxurious the bottle looks, I realized that the bottle doesn't have a pump. I prefer foundation bottles with a pump for the sheer convenience. It comes in a squeezy bottle, like MAC's Face and Body Foundation. The only difference in packaging is that this bottle looks like a work of art. The fact that its plastic makes it a great choice for Travel.

I was asked to pick out my shade from their list online, but I am bad at color matching online, in general. I prefer going to the store and color matching myself on my jawline for a perfect match. The shade I landed up with, is a bit light for me, even in my winter pale skin. I doubled up on the bronzer hence. But I love the fact that the undertones matched, which can often be tricky with foundation. As I had mentioned earlier that I have a warm undertone, so I need foundations with yellow undertone and not pink.
Marc Jacobs' claims to have introduced two new technologies in one foundation. If the first was being Flashback Free, then the second one was Self-Setting. The product is infused with a setting powder, which saves us a step in our make up routine. I am perfectly open to newer technologies, but as I have dry skin, I was misled with the name - Youthful-Look. The foundation self-sets to being matte on my dry skin, despite moisturizing my face. The pictures that you see, are without a setting spray or powder. The foundation claims to stay put for 24 hours, but I don't wear make up for a whole day. I will say that it's long wearing.

The name and the branding suggest that they want the users to shamelessly flaunt the natural radiance of their skin. So if you are looking for a full coverage foundation, then this will not cut it. It has medium coverage. I used a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation and then went over it with a damp beauty sponge. This foundation sets super fast so I would suggest working fast with it. I  liked the coverage and I think it will be a great option for Spring-SUmmer when we can retire the heavier foundations of winter. I haven't topped it with concealer in the pictures you see in this post, but I would probably add some concealer, next time I wear it.
This was the biggest concern for me. In my teenage years, I have been guilty of having the ghost face, when my foundation flashed back in pictures. I wore the foundation at dusk and then I tested it for flash once it was dark. I used the flash with my DSLR's Kit Lens, the front camera flash and back camera flash of my iPhone 7 Plus and it DID NOT FLASHBACK. I was almsot disbelieving myself, as I was testing it, and the results came out positive. For years, women have struggled to find a founadtion with SPF which didnt flashback and Marc Jacobs has finally come up with the technology. This is the biggest reason, I am re-purchasing this foundation, but in my perfect shade this time .

Disclaimer : I was sent this product by Influenster and Marc Jacobs compliemtary for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are those of my own.


A brand new season of KCFW is here which means loads of Outfit Planning from my end. After a break from last season, I resumed my role as Official Media for Kansas City Fashion Week, with the KCFW FW'18 Kick-Off Event at Kindred held last Sunday. Although the weather in Kansas City is grey and wet and cold, I wanted to channel my inner Spring self. As I was shooting for this Outfit Post, a confused neighbor asked me, if I felt cold or not? Ahh, the blogger life!

I really look forward to my Outfit planning for Fashion Week, as it gives me an opportunity to sport some of my favorite trends for the season. Fashion Week can be confusing for the uninitiated, as, in Spring, you attend the Fall-Winter shows and vice versa. For my Oufuts though, I focus on the current season. In this case - Spring Summer. So throughout all that I wear this week, you will see me focusing on a few popular Spring Trends for 2018.


Gingham has been big last Spring and is clearly here to stay. Critics might call it a picnic table cover, but I love it. I styled a high-low Gingham Peplum top. I am not a fan of ordering clothes online, as I love to try of clothes before I buy them. On a whim, I had added this top to my cart while completing an Amazon order for textbooks(exact top linked above). I am petite and am DD with a booty. So the right fit matters to me. Once I received the order, I realized that the top was shorter than the length I normally wear. As I still wanted to wear it, without letting my muffin top hang out, so I had to get creative.

So here comes in my next item - my MidriseWhite denim. I had been looking to branch out to midrise denim, from my current stash of low rise denim. I had loved my mid-rise Lee Denim which was a gift from last year's KCFW. Finally found a pair of midrise semi-skinny denim, which also had a slimming effect on my muffin top. Personally, I would have preferred the denim to be skinnier around the legs.

As it was a play of Neutrals, I added a pop of color with my Statement Earrings in Yellow. As I have a warm undertone to my complexion, warmer shades like yellow compliment me more. Especially when neutrals or cooler tones have a chance of washing me out, I need a warm element or two in the ensemble. The second warm element was my affordable Leopard Booties. Leopard is, after all, a neutral. Finished it off with a dash of MAC Star Magnolia. 

Stay tuned to the Blog for more updates from Kansas City Fashion Week. 

Credits : 
Outfit Photos: Debashish Dasgupta
Photo from KCFW at Kindred: Tou Yang 


The cloudy Spring sky or the chilly wind was not a dampener for me this Sunday as it was time for KCFW. The 13th season of Kansas City Fashion Week kickstarted with a VIP/media event in Overland Park. 4 days of amazing Runway Shows will see the Fashion fraternity of Kansas City heading to the Grand Hall Of KC downtown. The bi-annual showcase features a mix of local, regional, national and international designers, models and style teams. It shall round off with an Official After Party held at R24 Studios in the historic West Bottoms.

Caffeinated and channeling my love for Spring neutrals, I headed for a fun morning. A family trip to Iceland had me on a Fashion Week hiatus, but we are back!
Sweet Bites from Dolce Bakery and Spirits from Cooper's Hawk Winery kept the mingling sweet and spirited. Bottomless Mimosas are always the best part of Brunch for me, at least!

I had been wanting to visit Kindred, ever since it opened late last year and what better occasion than to celebrate KCFW. It's a collective boutique located inside of Oak Park Mall. Kindred houses many local boutiques under one roof, along with knickknacks and apothecary items. And did I mention that it had the most unique dressing rooms? Darn, I should have taken a dressing room selfie. Scoping out Spring trends, I am so excited for Vintage Checks, all shades of Yellow and everything Stripes for Spring! What's your favorite trend for Spring this year?

And what's Fashion Week without catching up with your Blogger Babes! Always great to take the conversation forward from social media to real time.

Let the adventure begin! Stay tuned to the Blog for Outfit Posts and Runway Updates!

Credits : 
Pictures by Me of the event space.

Pictures of Me by : of KCFW of KCFW 


Spring is finally here. At least the calendar says so, but the weather gods say something else. While the closet needs a much-needed re-shuffle, it's my skin which I decided to concentrate on first. Spring Cleaning your Skin, I call it. 
I have trying out a host of new products from Dr. Brandt Skin Care for the past month or so. While I reviewed the Sleeping Mask in a post earlier, the most intriguing product, was surely Dr. Brandt Skincare Magnetight Age Defier Mask.
 I am in my mid-30s, and I live in the Midwest which is known for its long Winter. Did I mention that I have dry and sensitive skin? I do use makeup regularly. I am very diligent about my skin care routine and no matter how tired I am, I don't usually skimp on it. Yes, I might use hacks or a shorter routine every now and then. Being on the other side of 40 means I do incorporate anti-aging products as well. When I first received the product and read about it, I must say, that it was more gimmicky maybe.
Why you ask? Well, the mask looks like a regular mask at first sight. You use a spatula(which comes in the pack) to apply a thin layer all over your face. Once the mask has dried, then you use the Magnet to remove it. I hadn't used a product like this before, so excitement and curiosity were at an all-time high. The product claims to use magnetic currents to ap away visible signs of skin aging. The mask is infused with iron magnetic particles that draw out everyday impurities and residue trapped in the skin. It's free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates
As I have dry and sensitive skin, masks can often dry me out, so I was also a bit skeptical of other things. As I sit back and write this post, I have used the mask a few times now. I applied the mask according to the package instructions and let it dry. Then you are supposed to wrap a tissue paper around the magnet and use it to remove the mask. I missed the tissue paper part and in the excitement used the magnet directly. It wasn't painful or didn't irritate my skin, as the magnet pulled away from the mask.
Once the mask is removed, it leaves an oily film on the skin. Please do not wash or tissue dry your face. Just massage that oily film/liquid into the skin. Let the firming peptides, emollients, antioxidants, and essential oils soak in.

Ideally, I would not have purchased the product if I had first heard of it. But now that I have used it multiple times, I can see how effective it is. It did a good job in drawing the gunk out of my pores and leaving my skin hydrated. Often with such cleansing masks, my skin feels too tight after using it, but it didn't feel dry after I had used this product. I love using it before the weekend, and my skin gets all ready for the detox.

So this is how I Spring Cleaned my Skin! What's your Spring cleaning plans? Let me know in the comments.

                                                       SHOP THE MASK : 

Disclaimer : I received the products free for testing purposes but the opinions are those of my own. 


It's Oscar Sunday and time for the fabulous gowns and the tuxedos to take over everyone's news feed. Like so many other suburban couples we love our time on the couch on the biggest evening for the movies. Are you hosting a watch party with your friends? We used to do that before Rii came along.
Cutting out from the gorgeous evening in sunny LA to the cold and grey Midwest. Winter is here to stay at least for a few more weeks, which means the layers are here to stay. When you can't beat the winter blues, you wear blue. Oh, that was such a bad joke, I tell you. I am a denim girl all year round. So it was fun to style a denim on denim outfit.The last time I wrote about Denim on denim, it featured my husband, in a rare Men's OOTD post on my Blog.

 How do you do Denim on denim? Do you play with shades of blue, or do you pair Denim in different colors? I bet a light blue Chambray shirt would pair well with a black denim and some red sock booties. Maybe the inspiration for a future outfit post.

For my Winter Brunch outfit. I decided to make my Denim on Denim outfit more appropriate for the cold weather, by layering it with my fur vest. Adding the vest was a play of textures along with the denim, and I am always looking up for playing up textures in my outfit to make them more fun. Loved how the blues paired with each other. The sunshine on my shoulders was such a blessing, for brunch, and made for some happy pictures for sure. My Prada Cat eye sunnies, a small earring in turquoise and blue, and my super blingy new Kate Spade Tote.This is a look which you can create from items existing already in your closet. Off late I have been trying to think of newer outfits by shopping my closet. We all have a denim shirt and we all have multiple pairs of denim. Play along with colors or textures in your outfit and you could come up with something fun.

Maybe I should do a post on my new designer bag purchase and some tips to create your collection of designer bags? Let me know if that's something you would be interested to read.



When you get compliments on your make up free skin, on a cold an dreary day, you know the skincare product is for keeps. We have been having one of the worst winters. My skin is not only dry but super dry. Did I mention that its sensitive as well? Now, that's a tricky combination when you are trying to deal with the vagaries of a rough winter combined heated homes.
 Over the past month, I have been trying out a few products from Dr.Brandt Skincare. I think it's their combined effort, which has surely made a difference to my super dry skin.
Dr. Brandt Skincare Hydro Recovery Sleeping Mask is the first product I tried out. I am in my mid-30s and believe in a daily skin care regimen. As the name suggests, Hydro recovery Sleeping Mask is essentially a mask. You cleanse your face at night. Pat it dry and apply the product. do not rinse off. The product works on your skin overnight.

This leave-on mask claims to restore hydration to dry skin within 24 hours. It is paraben free, sulfate free, alcohol-free and phthalate free. Its consistency is that of a gel and its fragrance-free. It also claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  I usually try out a product for at least a few weeks o a month, before I review it.
My skin reacted positively to the sleeping mask. I had been hearing about this new trend but hadn't tried on myself. My regular night cream was sent on a hiatus, as I used the sleeping mask. I could see a noticeable difference after the first night itself. My skin was glowing. I applied a thin layer of it every night. It sinks into my skin easily although I heard for many users, blending was an issue. A little goes a long way with this sleeping mask, so make sure you are not wasting the product on your pillow at night. Although I have sensitive skin, I did not have any allergic reactions to the mask. I would definitely recommend this sleeping mask, to anyone who has dry skin. Its a blessing for those of us facing such a harsh winter.

Disclaimer: I received the products free for testing purposes from Influenster, but the opinions are those of my own.