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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the new CEO of The Blog Guild.I had been a member of the erstwhile KC Blogger Meet Up, which re-christened itself to The Blog Guild. Owners changed over the years, and it was the invite to a brand new event. Last Saturday I was supposed to join a few of my fellow bloggers at Beauty Brands, at the Country Club Plaza for a breakfast hosted by Bare Minerals. But I missed it, for another engagement. Then it was time to head to Simpson House, downtown , for A Mom's Day Market, hosted by The Blog Guild.

Honestly speaking, I am still under the hangover of the older style of blogger meet ups, which were popular, so a market sounded intriguing and exciting. I am self confessed shopaholic after all.

Simpson House is such an elegant event space, which wows everyone with its quintessential old school charm. Loved wandering around the house and the lovely garden, on a bright Spring day. Built in 1909, this three storey mansion is such a lovely slice of history in the heart of Kansas City.

A handful of vendors from around town and its suburbs, had set up their wares from us to choose from. You could sip on your wine , grab a bite and indulge in some shopping , with your loved one.

Some of my favorite vendors from the event were Wild Wash Soap Co, Aubrey's Attic. Mountain MoversCo, Kristin Christopher Jewellery and From My Basket . 

What blogger event is complete without your favorite bloggers. While I missed out on breakfast with Erin , of Pretty Polished Perfect earlier that morning, we finally did catch up in Simpson House. Big Hugs ! Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile

Every blogger event comes with it share of old faces and new. Finally met up with Kaleigh, who is the new owner of The Blog Guild. She believes in KC Pride , not as a fad, but as a movement for good. Totally in it with you sister !

Looking forward to the next event hosted by The Blog Guild, which might involve some crafting ! There, you have a bit of the secret.


Hope all of you had a great Mother's Day ! Mine was fab. Another beautiful year, with my darling daughter, and I could not have asked for more. Little hands carried in gifts as I woke up. And seems like, she had a Fairy God Mother helping her - Jord Wood Watches . Besides the gifts picked out by Daughter-Dad, Jord Wood Watches  were kind enough to send me one of their Unique Wood Watches, just in time for Mother's Day. Isn't that wonderful ! Stay tuned to the end of the Blog Post, if you want to WIN A JORD WOOD WATCH

Jord Wood Watches specializes in hand crafted wooden watches, each of which is a work of art. Jord believes that a watch should be more than just telling time. Each of the Jord watches, are surely a prized possession for their owners. For starters, its a Conversation Starter. You have a Jord watch on your wrist ,and chances are high, that people will want to know, how and where they could get such an exclusive time piece. Jord Wood Watches , as the name suggests are hand crafted for ethically sustainable wood. They are available in a variety of wood, and you can take your pick from Walnut to Acacia. My Watch is crafted from Walnut Wood. Every watch has Sapphire Crystal Glass, which is quite the Royalty in the watch world. Winner Winner all the way. 

I loved the wooden packaging, in which every time piece is so painstakingly packed. Its such a luxurious experience, as I opened my Mother's Day gift from Jord Watches. The wooden box, the small cushion which nesles the watch, a cleaning cloth and also wood polish. They surely know how to pamper Moms. And not only Moms, I might add, they know how to pamper all their patrons. With Father's Day less than a month away. I think these time pieces make for great gifts . Did I mention that you can get them custom Engraved and Custom sized with your order? I have a notoriously tiny wrist. So I loved it that Jord Wood Watches sized my time piece to fit me. I didn't have to run to a local watch shop to  have it custom fitted. So when you place in your watch order, remember that you can have it fit your wrist and also have sweet nothings engraved, if you wanted to gift it to the special someone in your life. In a long time, I have come across a product which is the perfect special occasion gift, for either yourself or your loved one. 

My watch is the Conway Walnut and Jet Black . Its the perfect example of how a classic style meets modernity. The chronograph feature is something I had been eyeing for quite some time. The earthy wood tones are a great contrast to the jet black. They compliment against my warm undertone , and make it just the perfect arm candy. If you want to shop my Watch, then Click HERE.  

The best part of the Jord Wood Watches are that they are mostly Unisex. Most styles can be worn by both Men and Women, although they do have a dedicated Men's Shop and a Women's Shop. I love big dial watches myyelf, so it seemed like a perfect fit for me. 

I wanted to style my Jord Wood Watch - Conway Walnut and Jet Black in a Spring Summer Outfit. I wanted to create a palette which would off set the earthy tone so the watch in the best possible way. Spring - Summer is all about light fabrics , and bright colors. Watercolors are a big trend in Spring - Summer this year. I love how feminine they are, and how they can flatter so many different silhouettes. I paired an Off the Shoulder Watercolors Top with a Denim Button down Mini Skirt. Jord Wood Watch in Conway Walnut and Jet Black, Chanel Sunglasses, Tassel Earrings and Gold Backless Loafers. Spring - Summer perfection. I was out for Brunch with my family and this Outfit earned me so many compliments all morning long.

A Huge Thank you to Jord Wood Watches for partnering with me.

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At the end of the Giveaway, a Winner will be chosen , who will win $100 off gift code.Every person participating in the giveaway will win  $25 as a consolation prize. So go ahead and try your luck. 

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Disclaimer : This Blog Post is in Sponsorhsip with Jord Wood Watches. 


Wishing my Mom and all of you lovely Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day ! Lets raise a toast together ladies, and celebrate us. And a big HUG to all the kids who gave us the opportunity to celebrate this special day. So what are your plans ? As for me, I am celebrating the day with family. But I did get to do something very very special to usher in the special day. Macy's and Blogger and Stylist Caitlin Fore of "Sophisticaited," invited Me and my Daughter to reprise our role, the Macy's " Celebrate Mom " Mother's Day Fashion Show. We had an absolute blast. Huge Thank you to Macy's Town Center Plaza, Leawood, Kansas. 

Did you miss cheering for us at the red carpet? Dont worry, we got the video for you :

It was so special doing it with my daughter for the second year in a row. Kids grow up so much in a year, and walking with my daughter, hand in hand, surely made this Mother's Day extra extra special.

I have been struggling with losing the last of my baby flab, and the struggle is real. I am all for Body Positivity, but then I also like to dress, in a way, which helps me camouflage my flaws. Blogger/lStylist Caitlin, of Spohisticaited, is a Mom herself. So she knows exactly what was on my mind. As I arrived for my FITTINGS, I saw that Caitlin had outdown herself, yet another time. The color, the cut , the fit was so flattering and it was so beautifully co-ordinated with my Daughter. It was Spring Perfection. All the Outfits in the fashion Show are a part of Macy's Mom and Me collection, and can be shopped both in store or online.

It was time for D-Day. I arrived early, for my Make Up. I am all for flaunting my natural Hair texture on most days. But special days, call for special hair. So the Hair Straightener and extra 20 minutes did the trick. MAC was kind enough to do my MAKE UP. Thank you. I shall soon have a detailed post , dedicated to this particular look. Stay tuned to the Blog.

And then WE SLAYED !!!


A regular Skin care regimen is a necessity. Well, that's the kind of idea I grew up with. I think I was around five , when I learnt, that you use upward strokes, when you apply your face moisturizer. Or that you always dab your face after you have washed it and never rub it. My Grandmother and My Mom both have fabulous skin. Needless to say, they also swear by a strict skin care regimen. Over the years, I also came to adopt a few versions of Skin Care regimen.

Let me share with you today, My Weekend Morning Skin Care Routine. I have dry skin, which is also very sensitive. So I have to be extremely careful of what products I use. Sunday Mornings, when I usually have some extra time on my hands, I gather up up my favorite skin care products, slip into my plush robe and pamper myself. My skin surely thanks me later. Its often debated that Skin Care should always be done with premium products. But often, you can find some great products at the drug store too. Though I must add, the number is few. In this Skin Care Routine, I shall try and mix up both High End and Drug Store products, so that its affordable for everyone.

Its important to remove the dead skin which piles up. Or else our pores get clogged and that can lead to break outs. And nothing is worse than break outs on dry skin, I tell you. I try and use a mild exfoliator. I am currently using St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub. It combines the goodness of a facial oil and a scrub. So it doesnt dry out my already dry skin, when I use it. If you want to see a Review and Application of St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub, then click HERE.

After you have washed and cleaned your scrub, pat it dry . Then is the time to pick out a Face Mask. The world of Face Packs/mask can be daunting too. Which do you use ? I try and switch it up every week. If one week, I use a Deep Cleansing Face Mask, then I follow it up with a Hydrating one next week. This week, I decided to use my Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Mask.  While I religiously use my Retinol at night, a smoothing mask, on the weekends, also helps along the way. This mask doesnt dry out my skin, and leaves it hydrated.

I use a warm facial cloth to remove my mask, and then pat it dry.


It took me some time to jump on the facial oil band wagon. I was scared, that it might lead to break outs or clogged pores. As I have sensitive skin, I am always extra careful. After reading considerable reviews,and trying out samples, I fell in love with Tarte Maracuja Oil. There's a reason why its a cult favorite. A little goes a long way, in this product. Dont feel tempted to dispense a large amount of this product, as it would go to waste. I dispense some product in my hand and massage it into my skin. Then I let the product sink in for around 10 mins, before I top it off with anything else.

Finally , its time to seal it all in, with a good moisturizer. I found a great drug store moisturizer some time back. Its Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel with Hylronic Acid. This product is so luxurious and does a great job. A little goes a long way in using this product too. So a tub lasts you a long time.

So whats your Weekend Skin Care Regimen ? Let us know in the comments.